Our Story

500 years ago a convent was built in Mane, in the south of France to shelter the botanist monks of the order of the Minims. Inspired by the traditions of plant based care practiced at the Convent in Mane, Le Couvent des Minimes Natural Skincare Recipes offers simple and authentic beauty recipes for the modern age. Each skincare recipe features an ancient engraving of a monastic tradition to pay homage to the previous inhabitants of the convent.

Reminiscent of a time when food recipes were used to heal and beautify the community, each product is formulated like an ancient recipe - blending carefully selected ingredients with time-proven efficacy to deliver modern benefits.

1613 : Founding of the Convent

Below the village of Mane, in the south of France, a convent was built in the 17th century in a place surrounded by curative herbs and flowers.

The Convent’s first inhabitants, the Minim Brothers, gave their name to the place. These botanist monks cultivated terraced gardens full of different plant species to be used for food, study and treatments. During the French Revolution, the monks were forced to abandon the convent, and it remained unoccupied for almost a century.

1862 : Restoration of the Convent

In 1862, the Convent was restored and transformed into a hospice. A few years later, the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary continued the original convention of cultivating beneficial ingredients to help strengthen and restore those in need through food recipes. The sisters used the power of plants to nourish and heal their community, restoring well-being in a spirit of generosity. By 1999, the sisters had become elderly and there were too few to continue to inhabit the convent.

2004 : Brand creation

In 2004, the brand Le Couvent des Minimes was created. Today, the Convent of the Minims continues the tradition of care and well-being as a Hotel & Spa.

Our Natural Skincare Recipes cover daily needs offering simple skincare solutions in lush fragrances and beautiful textures.

Le Couvent des Minimes does not overpromise on results, and fully commits to delivering simple yet efficacious, high-quality products. We blend traditional, time-proven, natural ingredients focusing on what is necessary for best results.

We strive to formulate quality products that do good and smell good, in complete safety. Every new Le Couvent des Minimes skin care product is tested under dermatological supervision.

We offer quality skin care and well-being products at affordable prices, making our products accessible to as many people as possible. Beyond our products, we pay tribute to the generosity of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary who lived in Mane, by supporting their activities throughout the world. Working in 80 countries, these women help the poor through a variety of concrete actions. To help them with their mission, Le Couvent des Minimes gave its support to the Franciscan Sisters care projects in 2016 by donating 1% of the annual sales to their charity.

This way, we were able to fund a variety of important projects :

- In 2011 and 2012, our funding helped a Nursery School for deprived young girls and a day nursery in Tiruchirapalli in India.
- In 2013 : the funds helped to set up a Conviviality center created by the Sisters to welcome 80 older people and give them a social and administrative support in Taubaté, in Brazil.