Smile Lip Balm

Rose & Berries taste
0.5 fl. oz.
$600.00 / L

A Lip Balm with a floral Rose & Berries taste, that helps to nourish and repair the skin, thanks to its formula enriched with softening Marshmallow Extract and Shea Butter.

Inspired by the Sisters' benevolent works, that so often brought a smile back to the faces of Convent residents, the Smile Lip Balm Rose and Berries Aroma helps to nourish and repair lips on a daily basis. Thanks to its Original Recipe combining softening Marshmallow with nourishing Shea butter and protective Apricot oil, its formula with a floral Rose and Berries aroma works to provide lasting moisture and protection for lips day after day. Lips regain suppleness and softness.

Apply to lips as often as needed.

• Marshmallow Extract : soften
• Shea Butter : nourish
• Apricot Oil : protect
• Rose and Pink Berries : delicious and delicate aroma

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