Soap Bar

Rose & Pink Berries scent
3.5 oz.
$70.00 / kg

A luminous Rose & Pink Berries scented Soap Bar. Thanks to its vegetable cleansing base, skin is gently cleansed.

Inspired by the delicious fragrance of the flowers in the Convent's Cloister warmed by the midday sun, the Botanical Cologne of the Cloister Soap Bar gently cleanses the skin. Thanks to its Original Recipe combining Rose and Pink Peppercorn, sources of joy, with Geranium, a source of harmony, in a plant-based formula, it gently cleanses leaving the skin delicately scented with floral notes. Cleanses skin without drying.

Use daily in the shower or bath, massaging all over the body. 

Rose, Pink Peppercorn : sources of joy
Geranium : source of harmony
Vegetable base : to gently cleanse the skin

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