Exfoliating Shower Pulp

Orange Blossom scent
7 fl. oz.
$60.00 / L

An exfoliating Shower Pulp with a gourmand Orange Blossom scent for a smooth and soft skin, thanks to its vegetable cleansing base.

Inspired by the delicious scent of Orange Blossom, reminding the sweet childhood memories, the the Botanical Cologne of Love Exfoliating Shower Pulp gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin. Thanks to its Original Recipe combining Orange Blossom, a source of softness, with natural exfoliating particles in a plant-based cleansing formula, it gently leaves the skin soft and delicately scented with exquisite notes of the Botanical Cologne of Love.

The skin is supple and smooth, the body is enveloped in softness.

Use it daily in the shower or bath, massaging all over the body.

• Orange Blossom : source of softness
• Wild Flowers (Wils Rose, Narturtium) : source of calm
• Vegetable base : to gently cleanse the skin

Tested under dermatological supervision.

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