Fresh Shower Gel

Refreshing Citrus Fruits scent
7 fl. oz.
$60.00 / L

A fresh Shower Gel with a sparkling Citrus Fruits scent for a soft and invigorated skin, thanks to its vegetable cleansing base.

Inspired by the tradition of "Miracle Waters", beneficial recipes that were once distilled in convents, the Botanical Cologne of the Minimes Beneficial Shower Gel gently cleanses the skin. Thanks to its Original Recipe combining refreshing Blood Orange with revitalizing Rosemary in a plant-based formula, it gently cleanses, leaving the skin delicately perfumed with sparkling notes of the Botanical Cologne of the Minimes. The skin is invigorated, the body is refreshed.

Use it daily in the shower or bath, massaging all over the body.

Rosemary : revitalizes
Blood Orange : refreshes

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