Discover our Recipes

Discover our Recipes

Our Natural Skincare Recipes perpetuate the tradition of simplicity, care and generosity,
which began in the Convent of the Minims in Mane.
Today, our skincare recipes for body, face and hair combine generous textures
with natural ingredients known for their beneficial properties.

Botanical Cologne of Serenity

Inspired by the breathtaking surroundings of the Convent, this botanical fragrance
captures the tranquil waters of a lake high in the mountains of Haute-Provence.

With Delicate Lavender & Fresh Mandarin

Made from an original recipe, the fragrance blends delicate lavender and bergamot
for a relaxing scent, while lily of the valley, rose and blueberry notes
combine over base notes of warm cedar for a revitalizing finish.


Gardener's Hand Healer

At the Convent of the Minims, a friar known as the Gardinarius
was designated to tend the convent’s gardens and the beneficial plants.

20% Shea Butter & 7 Magical Plants to helps to Nourish, Moisturize and Protect your Hands

Adapted to dry and damaged hands, the Gardener's Hand Healer recipes are recommended
for those looking for beautiful hands down to the fingertips.


Botanical Cologne of the Minims

“Miraculous waters,” better known as colognes today, were first distilled in convents
beginning in the 14th century. Combining plants, citrus fruit and eau de vie - water of life -
these curatives waters are the inspiration behind
Le Couvent des Minimes’ Eau des Minimes Botanical Fragrance.

With 3 Refreshing Citrus fruits & 7 Beneficial Plants

A sparkling, universal scented water which will delight fans of fresh colognes and citrus fragrances.


Hiker's Foot Healer

Throughout the centuries, the convent in Mane opened its gates
to travelers in search of comfort and care. The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary
often welcomed these seekers, offering them a place to rest their aching feet.
Le Couvent des Minimes' foot and leg care collection pays homage to this tradition,
soothing and replenishing tired, overworked feet with beneficial plants.

9 Plants to help to Nourish, Soften and Soothe Feet and Legs.

Adapted for dry feet and tired legs, the Hiker's Foot Healer recipe
restores softness and comfort to feet and legs.



Loving Care Body Balm

Driven by generosity and kindness, the Franciscan Sisters tirelessly cared
for those in need who inhabited the convent.

In-House Galen's wax to helps to Nourish, Repair and Protect the skin

Suitable for  the entire family, the Loving Care Body Balm recipe and hypoallergenic formula
delivers nutrition, comfort and softness to sensitive, dry and very dry skin.

Suitable for delicate baby skin.


Botanical Cologne of the Morning

The Botanical Cologne of the Morning evokes the sun's soft warmth
of the early hours at Mane blending to the refreshing scent of the morning dew.
A particular time of the day when nature comes back to life and reveals all its splendour.

Orange Freshness & Basil

An herbal and fruity scented water, giving a feeling of
freshness and well-being for a great start to the day.


Botanical Cologne of Love

Our aptly named Botanical Cologne of Love pays tribute to the devotion
of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary who welcomed and took care of those in need.

With Soft Orange Blossom & 5 Beneficial Plants

A floral and fruit scented water with a sparkling and delicious fragrance,
will invoke sweet nostalgic childhood memories.


Botanical Cologne of the Cloister

The Botanical Cologne of the Cloister pays tribute to the scintillating scent of sunbathed florals
mingling with lively and joyful conversations of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary.

Luminous Rose and Pink Peppercorn & 4 Beneficial Plants

A fresh and floral scented water, evoking happiness, with a luminous and sparkling fragrance.